Hatari Arts is a Limited company registered in England and Wales. Since launching in September 2011 we have evolved to offer a range of services and products. Below are the details of our current offering.

Audio Support Services

This service has several features however in short we identify audio equipment needs for a range of events or projects. It usually begins with a consultation where individual or business clients describe their audio project goals (for example upgrade recording studio or put on a live music event). In most cases we would then provide a recommendation report followed by quotes for purchase and install where this applies. We also offer a fault finding service where we carry out a basic audio system diagnostic. For more details contact info@hatariarts.com

Record Label

We have been recording music for many years yet had our first commercial release in 2015. We are planning a series of releases for which more details can be found here once dates are finalised.

Literary Works

Books, eBooks, leaflets and other written works formed by moments of clarity captured to provide inspiration and direction for others are products that we have an interest in creating and marketing. As such we have some materials available for purchase and download.

Coming Soon

  • Mixing Service
  • Mastering Service
  • Bespoke Compostions
  • Remix Service